Las Vegas!!!!

photography by Bronson Chang



Ah, Viva Las Vegas!





Opportunity beckons one on!





We are greeted at the Luxor, where great figures of the ancient past coexist with-





Slot machines!!!!!!





We have a snack inside this-






Monument of a hotel, the Luxor






Inside the Luxor, a place to eat





Or make a secret encounter





MGM's proud lion figurehead





Rochelle at the Excaliber





Papa Pygoya back at the Luxor





Awesome photo of the Sphinx of Luxor, by Bronson Chang






Lets not forget  New York New York!





The Excaliber, the kids favorite Arcade of the casinoes visited





Kids have tons of fun for days in the many casino hotel arcades for the underaged





With so many delights for the eyes





or mouth!





Watch out for the attacking snake in the Jungle!





The kids did better in the arcades than their parents in the casinos; here the loot they won playing games!





One last pull of the one armed robber and we leave for home





As we gazed out our airplane's window, only memories now remain 
of our magical family time together during our 2002 family vacation trip.


More photos of our trip
(not by Bronson)