Indiana University Graduation 2013
Rochelle Chang, B.S., Classical Ballet, graduate of the Jacobs School of Music

May 3, 2013



Heading to Assembly Hall








Proud moment for both women








Better get, or it's standing room only!








Time to go








Showing my roots and study in ballet at IU








Basketball trophies galore!








Big Time college sports









Storied athletic program








Hoosier stadium








Across the way, the Hoosier football stadium where Big Ten rivals come to play - make that FIGHT!








We see you!  Seated in the Jacobs School of Music section








High up on the big screen above the basketball arena - other high performers








Basketball stars also graduating








A fresh flower lei from Hawaii, from Mom








A brainy college buddy








With sorority sister from Kentucky








The Chang family (brothers Bronson and Houston were not able to attend)













"Rochelle Chang, ballet"








A Jacobs School of Music alumni pin for you
















The ballet class of 2013 (hundreds apply every year to the most highly acclaimed ballet college program in the USA)










We made it out of here!








With Jacob and his mother of Colorado








Proud parents of the graduating ballerina - Dr. & Mrs. Rodney Chang









A Punahou alumni (President Obama's high school) now graduates from Indiana, again with honors








That's me above me







With mother Erlinda








30' banner to remain up at MAC untill next April










Rochelle awaits her own incredible journey















That expression is worth a thousand words!









Planning ahead.... Hmmm, Denver, possibly New York City?










As Papa kicks back, resting up for the leg of the grueling journey back to the islands.