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Last ride on Rod's wheels from the 50s! - October 2003





Now true colors!




Da 3 sisters, Verna (center) and Sylvia (right) were in famous 60s
Harmonelles, vocalists for Clay and Rod's Harmonics, Hawaii's top
rock band of the era. Today Sandra is an artist in an engineering family, Verna
is a former school teacher managing Rod's dental practice, and Sylvia is a
pre-school teacher



Verna, former math/art teacher; current dental clinic manager




Sylvia, gave birth to a princess




Sandy, the artist and 'baby' of the family, lived on the
mainland with her family for many years
(Oregon, Delaware, Arizona, Colorado)




Sylvia today with her oldest daughter, Michelle, former 2nd Princess of
Narcisscus Queen annual, travelled to China as part of royal court of Hawaii




Representing the 4th gen, Michelle with new hubby, Jon, married September 2003








Clatyon, owner of Doe Fang Store, former real estate broker
and owner of Evergreen Realty




The "black sheep" of the family, the delinguent grew up
and became the Disco Doc and Pygoya, world Web artist




Rodney and sister Sandy, 2 artists of the flock; Mother was artistic.
And let's not forget Verna was an artistic in her own right as an art teacher.




Proof: them 2 for sure crazy artists! OK, San, just Rodney!




Thanks Mom and Dad for raising us, spanking us, sending us all to college,
marrying us off, and providing us with some inheritance to continue to pursue
our individual challenges in life. Bye, bye - Aloha, Kimokeo homestead!!! We'll
miss you!  Hope the next owners are as good to you as we have been.


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