Kathy Chinn Chock


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     To be able to create is to be able to express one's self.  Clay is the enabling medium, which captures our thoughts and dreams.

     I am deeply honored to have had the opportunity to work with the Hawaii Kai students who accepted my challenge to think, to create, and to excel.



Duane Preble


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     Through art experiences we can improve the way we live and learn.  The arts are a vital force for building on each child's love of learning.

     Participating in the Kaiser Complex GT art classes as an artist/teacher/co-learner was a real pleasure.  It made me realize how hungry we all are for personally rewarding art experiences.



James Rumford


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     Teaching watercolor to the students at Koko Head, Kamil'iki, and Haha'ione was a rewarding experience.  the students seemed to learn a lot about watercolor techniques, but I learned a lot too... about creativity and freedom, about exuberance and what it takes to make a young person's eyes sparkle.