Art is expressing yourself in other ways than talking about it, thinking about it, and writing about it.

Cameron Higgins, Gr. 5

I enjoy art because it allows me to express how I feel in a way that words can't.

Paul Anderson, Gr. 5

When I am doing art, I feel like I'm creating life.

Camille Sakoda-Chang, Gr. 5

I feel art is a wonderful thing that can make me feel happy and relaxed.

Kellie Kitamura, Gr. 6

There is beauty in every piece of art work because you create something of your own.

Grace Tsubaki-Noguchi, Gr. 4

I think art describes lots of feelings, like sometimes sadness and sometimes happiness.

Yu Lee Kim, Gr. 5

After doing the sketching and watercolor classes, I feel more confident within myself about learning how to do new things, and then succeeding in the new courses.

Jakob Bunker, Gr. 5


I now feel good about myself in art.  I think I will improve over age, but this visual arts program will most likely be the best learning experience I ever had.

Brian Hwang, Gr. 6

In 15 years, I see myself still doing art.  I will probably be a professional artist working all over the world.  Maybe I will be rich too.

Patrick Bieck, Gr. 3


I enjoyed smooshing the clay and putting things inside to make it rattle. I liked Mr. Rumford's painting class because we could go on a bus excursion.  I like art because - IT'S FUN!

Houston Chang, Gr. 3