This time we're after bigger game! - July 8, 2001

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Family Comments





I woke up at 3:10am, we got ready and then ate breakfast. After we left the house at 4:15 and got to Haleiwa at 5:15. We went out into the ocean 5-10 minutes later, we were heading toward Turtle Bay where there were a couple buoys around Turtle Bay. On the way to the buoy the rubber band snapped and that meant a fish bit the lure. I went to the chair and in 5-10 minutes a 24 pounds ono appeared, I didn't see the ono when everyone saw it because I was in the fighting chair. They then gaffed it then used the club so the fish won't hurt anyone. We got to the buoy in about 45 minutes and were catching a lot of Yellow Fin tunas, Bigeye tunas, and stripe tunas. We all caught at least one. When we were at the buoy Bear the deck hand threw pieces of tuna that we caught. About 3-5 minutes later a Mahimahi was hooked and Bronson fought the fish for about 7 minutes. The fish jumped three times, after when it was near the boat Bear gaffed the Mahimahi right through both of the fishes eyes. The Mahimahi was 14 pounds. Later we went trolling for Marlin but nothing bit the bait. We went to the buoy again and caught  more tunas that were 3-6 pounds each. When we were at the buoy a tuna was bitten in half and had no tail. It was a ono maybe the captain Jesse, and the deck hand Bear said. Also when we where at the buoy a fish had a hole on its body. Captain Jesse said a sawfish did that. On the way back I was fighting another Ono that was 30 pounds, it was as tall as me! It took about 7-12 minutes to pull in the fish. The fish is blue and gray-black stripes. After on the way back after I caught that fish, we had no luck. When we got to the harbor we weighed the fishes and measured the fishes. We are going to use the Ono and the Mahimahi to frame on the wall. When the captain opened up the Mahimahi there was a flyingfish inside. We put the pieces of the fish in  ziplock bags and thanked the captain for the trip and left. We ate the fish for 4 days in a row. We wouldn't of have had such a good fishing trip if  Captain Jesse wasn't there and Bear the deckhand, thanks for the great trip!






First of all, the weather was fantastic!  It was calmer than everybody else expected - there weren't many boats out there because, according to Captain Jesse, the weatherman reported rougher conditions with gusty winds and sporadic rain.  Well, it never drizzled, remained sunny all day with wonderfully blue skies laced white cumulus clouds, and the deep ocean was gentle without white caps.  Alas, Erlinda again, however, got sea sick and threw up.  I guess some are meant to stay on land!  We witnessed an inspiring sunrise as we cruised out of Haleiwa Boat Harbor at 5:15 am.  This time we had "Bear" as the deckhand instead of the little "Termite."  On the way out we let out the trolling lures ( 5 lines). After about l hour we had our lst strike and it was a huge wahoo or "ono."  We were proud of Houston who brought the fish in with a hitch.  At the first buoy in waters 1.5 miles deep, we caught about a dozen 4-6 lb. tuna .  Rochelle hauled in the first, a yellowfin tuna and she was quite excited about that.  Erlinda and I caught our one and only fish, also juvenile tuna.  Erli's was a skipjack or aku.  Later Bronson caught the biggest fish of his life, a 14 lb. mahimahi.  It was exciting watching him fight it as it jumped in the sea.  Later Houston caught a second ono, this one larger at 30 lb.  As these are the boys' largest catches of their lives, the mahi and the ono will be mounted for the wall.  The 9+ hours of sea motion along with the Dramamine can get to you, so we all on and off snoozed during this voyage.  We never got more mahimahi, larger tuna or a marlin but overall, it was a satisfying adventure for the family.  We look forward to more fun times on the Foxy Lady and it's captain, Jesse Lovett.




This fishing trip was way more fun then our first one. This time we had to wake up way earlier. We had to wake up at three o'clock in the morning! The bad thing though, was I finally got to sleep at eleven thirty. My favorite animal is the dolphin.  On our first fishing trip, I wanted to see dolphins but there weren't any but this time there were batches of them. Three bottle-nosed dolphins would jump out of the water. The first fish we caught was the ono. Houston caught it at about seven o'clock in the morning. That ono was about three inches bigger then Houston! I learned that onos have very sharp teeth. They could bite your fingers off in a flash! We went fishing around the bowie. We caught yellow tailed tuna, big eye tuna and aku . I caught fishes that were only about three to six pounds heavy. My heaviest was probably six pounds heavy. Once, a fish (which we think was an ono) bit a fish that I was reeling in. It ate the whole outer tail. When we were about to leave the bowie, Bear tried to hook a mahimahi. Bronson  got to try to catch the mahimahi. He caught it. From up above were Jesse would drive the boat, we could see the mahimahi. It was a pretty fish. It looked like a neon blue. After we caught that fish, we went to go try to catch a marlin. Unfortunately, we didn't. Next time we go on this fishing trip, we're probably going to try to catch marlin and mount it. On the way back to the pier, Houston caught another ono. He's first ono he caught was 24 lb.. and the second one was 30 lb.. Also, we saw the humus again! Jesse netted a humu. It was black with dark blue spots. This fishing trip was fun even though I didn't catch anything big. I hope we can go again! Bye!





I was the first to wake up Didy I oh, and woke up at 3:09 am, I had to wake up the family and dragged them out of bed.  We got to Haleiwa at 5:15 and headed toward Turtle Bay.  By 7:00 we had our 1st big fish, a 24 lb. ono that my brother fought for about 5-7 minutes.  It was exciting when the ono approached the boat. I saw my 1st gaff and pounding with the club.  In about 45 minutes we were at the X buoy and caught a lot of tuna ranging from 4-6 pounds, I caught 3 tunas with the conventional reel and it was a pretty tough fight for those little buggahs. When we fished for tuna I got a bite  from a fish that took a whole tuna!  I had it for a while until "SNAP" it was gone, it was probably a monster mahimahi. Everybody caught at least one tuna and so we decided to hunt down the monster mahimahi.  In about 30 minutes.  we saw a neon flash through the water, it was a mahimahi, we started to throw out parts of one of the tuna we caught and one fresh slice which had the hook.  Bear our deckhand jerked back and brought the pole to me in the fighting chair, I was set to catch the biggest fish I ever caught.  The 1st 30 sec.  the beautiful neon blue yellow tail mahimahi  flashed its shiny body in the air three times.  After 5 minutes.  the mahimahi was dead tired, so we left it in the water hoping that other mahimahi would come.  No other schooling partners of the mahimahi came so Bear got the gaff out and "SWOOSH", he gaffed it right threw both sides of the eye.  It squirmed and flipping wildly on the gaff until it was in the cooler.  The mahimahi was a female and weighed 14 lb..  We decided to go to the other buoy and check out the action over there.  We trolled for 1 1/2 hours and had no bites.  Once we got to the buoy we caught a tuna but it was "tail-less".  Something bit it during it's struggle against my sister Rochelle.  We also caught another tuna that had a perfect circle cut in it's body.  So we decided to troll around the area to try to catch the predator that bit the tuna's tail off.  In about 15 minutes. my lucky brother jumped into the  chair and fought a 30 lb. ono for about 10 minutes or less.  It seemed about the same size as the 1st ono but wasn't.  We trolled all the way back to the harbor hoping to get the family a Marlin.  We didn't have any luck, but we had the best fishing trip of our lives.  We got to bring home ziplocks and ziplocks or fish home that we shared with family.  We ate fish for 4 straight days!  We wouldn't have had such a good fishing trip if our Captain Jesse wasn't there and Bear the tough deckhand, thanks for the great trip!

School report




Well guys you did a great job! You are well on your way to being world class anglers.