I thought the fishing trip was okay and a good experience.  It was fun jetting threw the sea and trying to keep your balance while the boat crashed against the waves.  The crew was very nice and helped us a lot.  The bottom fishing was okay, we caught about 30 humus!  It's much better to go for the big fish in the big, deep water.    THE END




It was fun going fishing at 6:00 in the morning. After about ten to fifteen minutes when we were on the boat, my mom got sea sick. So she took about a two hour nap in the cabin. My dad, two brothers, and I might have not gotten sea sick because we took half of a sea sick pill that night and one full pill that morning, but my mom didn't take half a pill the night before we went fishing. Also, Captain Jesse said the longer you have a pill in your stomach, the better it will probably work.We ate lots of snacks during those eight hours of fishing. My mom said that she would get fat by eating a lot instead of trying to catch a fish.  I like the bottom fishing, but we caught a lot of humus. I caught two red moana's which Termite ( the deck hand) hooked for me. I kept the larger moana and let go the smaller one. (We ate the large one for dinner.) Of all the humus, I like the pink tailed humus.(They make snorting sounds) The last humu I caught, (which was a pink tailed humu) threw up all over the boat!  There were so many humus in the water that I caught a humu without a hook by catching it on its fin! Where ever we went, there were humus! We just couldn't get away from those fish!  When we were going back to the pier, my brother and I stood on the bridge and the waves were kind of rough so it splashed against the boat and sometimes we would get splashed by the waves. It felt good getting wet by the waves. It also felt like we were on a carnival ride going up and down, up and down. When I went on the fishing trip, I learned quite a few things. I learned about some of the sea birds, I learned why they have buoys in the middle of the ocean. Trolling speed is between 7 and 8 knots. It was too bad we didn't get to try to catch a fish while trolling. Next time my family is thinking about going into the deeper water to try to catch marlin and big fish like that. Also, we might do night fishing. It would be so cool. My dad said that we would probably get to try to get different fish not just humus. When we were about to go home, we saw a boat called Mrs. Katchum which only catches white crab. They were selling $5 for 20 pounds of crab. Our friend Sam (who went fishing with us) bought some. So the night we had moano, we all ate white crab and the fish we caught. When we finally got home, Bronson, my dad, and I felt like we were still on the boat. Our brains probably thought we were still on the boat. When I was in the shower I closed my eyes and I really felt like I was on the boat. Then I bent down it was kind of hard to balance. After, I came back up and stooped with one leg off the ground and I couldn't even balance at all! I had real fun on the fishing trip. I hope we can go again. 

 If you are a girl, I'd bet you'd think, I don't want to go. Well, you're wrong! It is actually really fun! You can bring CDs, videos, food, your diary/journal, anything you want to bring. But don't bring books. You'd probably not read it. I brought some books to read for my summer school homework but I ended up not reading one word. Jesse said that you'd probably get sea sick from reading. 



  I thought the fishing trip was fun and a good experience. It was fun jetting threw the ocean and trying to keep your balance while the boat crashed against the waves. It was also fun when we got wet from the waves. We got to climb up the ladder to the captain's seat. When we were up there on the bridge, on the way to Waianae, we saw some flyingfish. The crew was very nice and helped us a lot. The bottom fishing was okay because most of the time we were only catching humus. We kept moving to a lot of different spots, but the humus still followed us from 50, 100, 150, and 200 feet of water. We weeded through the humus and caught 2 moanos-goatfish, 1 a'awa-wrasse, and a 3 pound papio. We caught about 30 humus but threw them all back. When we got back Sam (who went fishing with us) bought some white crab at the harbor, 5 pounds for $20.00. By the Foxy Lady in the harbor, we put Aku belly and about 20 minutes later we saw a  3.5 foot stingray without counting the tail. The next day for dinner we had papio, moano, and the a'awa. I learned that l fathom is 6 feet. I also learned that bottom fishing is about 50 to 500 feet deep  Next time we might go night fishing in Waianae for Menpachi, 'Aweoweo, Akule, 'Opelu, and other night feeders. At least no humus will bite because they sleep at night. Also next time when we go on the Foxy Lady we are going trolling around buoys to catch Aku, Mahimahi, Marlin, and Ono. I hope I can catch at least one next time. :)



The family was apprehensive about this first trip aboard a sea-faring vessel. Now they have experience, realize the Dramamine does work (nobody got seasick!), and are ready for bigger game!  The trip through Haleiwa waters, to and fro from Waianae's calmer mountain sheltered coastline, was a bit choppy due to the wind, but I think that added to the adventure and some familiarity with the different conditions of the sea.  Waianae was nice, the water looked so crystal blue and clean.  Catching that papio was the boys' dream, emerging majestically as it did from the unknown depths to reveal its crescent blue top and silver sides.  But it was disappointment to discover how the whole Waianae coast, a half mile or so out, is infested with nonedible humuhumu.  It was interesting to see the varieties, from olive brown and green to dark navy blue with transparent dorsal and ventral fins and a loud pink tail.  Waianae beckons us for a second go-around at night, where we hope menapachi, akule and other night feeders have a chance at the bait before those piggy humu snatch up everything, only to be dump back overboard as rejected nuisances.  We were very envious when we saw the other sports fishing boat return with skipper jack tuna, mahimahi, and ono.  That sight was enough to encourage us to go for the big fish next time, into rougher waters if need be, straight out into the deep, in order to finally experience the true sportsman dream of hooking up to monster fish.  Surprising, Rochelle said she would want to go too. Unsurprisingly, Erlinda said she'd pass.  All in all, this first trip was a wonderful family experience and I recommend the Foxy Lady and it's family-friendly Captain Jesse to other families.  Sure beats bowling and going to the movies, one after another after another.


Erlinda- I enjoyed the day off from housework and the kitchen! I must have slept 4 hours on that couch.  The rice, corn beef hash, chips, peanut butter sandwiches, grapes and KFC was perfect for the appetite you get when out at sea.  It was a thrill catching the first fish of my life, even if it was a humuhumu. I would go again if the boys want to go. Who else would be the video cameraman?


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