Mon, 25 Jun 2001 17:47:59 -1000
"Chupu" <>

A night trip would be done some where in the same area. Humu's sleep at
night so at least we wouldn't have those buggers to contend with. I would
recommend an offshore trip sometime this summer. Like we talked about if you
stay in touch or check the "catch of the day" page, we can get you out when
the fishing is hot. No guarantees that the weather will cooperate. But we
can get a pretty good idea as far as 3 days in advance. So we could do a
summer deep trip or an any time night trip. The thing with the night trips
is, no moon is better for Akule and Opelu. While a larger moon is good for
Mempachi and Aweoweo. So its up to you.
Thanks again!

No problem! send it over and we will set up the link. Glad you had fun
despite the "humu" attack.

Thanks again.


Scheduled next trip for the Fishin' Chang Family-

July 8th, 2001