University of Alberta
Corbett Hall
Canada T6G 2G4


February 20, 1986


Dear Dr. Chang:


I understand that you were the contact in producing the segment "Disco Dentist' for the P.M. Magazine television show.  I was wondering whether it would be possible to obtain a copy of that segment of the tape to be used in a classroom situation.   It would not be used in a commercial way but I think it would be useful in a program I'm involved with here at the University.


This course is for senior dental studentss (graduating in a year) and is called Dentistry 492: Dental Practice Management.  My section of course deals with with marketing and I think this segment would be of considerable interest to the students.


If available,  could you let me know what the charge would be and, also, in what format, VHS, etc.


With sincere thanks,

William A. Preshing, Ph.D.