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You know, before I read your letters, I had already decided that my next
creation would be a disco scene.
I planned to go to the disco tonight and 'feel' it before I begin.
Now I truly have a special reason to paint it.

I told my mother, when I was about 18, that I would dance till I die.
Now I have I have four grown-up children. My 20year old son, uni
student/computer wiz, is also the DJ at our local club.
I often see him smile, as he looks out across his set-up on the stage, at
his mum, out in the middle
of the floor, under the spinning ball, lost in the magic of it all.
He's up there, pumping out the music, hitting the smoke machine and flashing
the lights.
I don't know if he thinks that i'm a little crazy, but he knows that it
something that I love with a passion and plays my favourite hi-energy songs.
I love it when the shafts of coloured lights beam through the smoky
atmosphere ...splitting and moving..
Rodney, guess I don't have to tell you, I'll just paint it for you.
Will say bye for now, return to Cyberland for a while
Oh, what a treat ...
Linda (stargazer 101)


07:36 PM 9/3/99 +1000, you wrote:
>Dear Gem of Gems
>I am splitting my sides here, laughing at your letters.
>You are sssssoooooooooo funny !!!
>Firstly, you don't have to be a genius to work out that if my birthday is
>today, I am one of those
>nit-picky Virgos.
>And, I figured you for a Leo or a Sag.
>Should have picked Sag, they have such broad vision and are usually
>The love of my life was a jolly Sag, we had so much fun. He was a musician,
>Secondly, there's no such thing as co-incidence. It's just all a wonderful
>universal plan
>Never-the-less, I'm always in awe when things like this happen ... India,
>(my stories for Bombay are on-line at that site)
>disco, anniversary time, young Andy the DJ, discovering Pygoya etc etc.
>I can't stop laughing, it's getting better all the time. it's like a dream.
>Oh, I'm sure Andy would be stoked at the DJ idea
>Cut and paste my stuff all you like, dear Rodney.
>Then go and be extra nice to your lovely wife so you can go disco-ing
>I'll send you some blurb soon, or feel free to use what you like from my
>home page or make it up as you go along.
>Re the navigating problems, probably because I am a bit of a dill-pickle.
>I'll wait til the Wiz Kid comes home and try again.
>Yep, Saturday Night Fever I adore, have the video here too
>Andy's favourite number is My Sharona, funny how they like the old stuff.
>My 17 y. old is in his last year at school, plays the guitar and is an
>excellent artist.
>He loves the head-banging stuff, like Korn, oh and Henrix of course.
>I like anything I can move to, 80s and new techno.
>Heart attack on the dance floor, what a way to go, with your fingers
>pointing up, before your toes ...
>I was born in Sydney, now live on the mid north coast of NSW 20 kms from
>beautiful beaches, near a river, rainforest mountains, small town 3000 pop,
>mostly boot-scootin', line-dancin' country folk. Most of my friends are in
>My name ... Linda Martin.
> Stargazer 101 is my yahoo log-in chat name. I enjoy voice-chat with the
>I'm just stoked with the idea of cyberspace, digital art, can't wait to get
>into it in a serious way now....
>But first things first.
>Its 7:30 pm Friday. at 10 pm I'll be under the spinning ball, making a
>spectacle of myself.
>It's great to be female, over 50, AND an artist. Most people make
>allowances. They've already figured out that you'd be eccentric in your old
>Tonight, though, I have a motive.
>There's an anniversary gift about to be created.
>Bye for now, ol' rocker

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Happy Anniversary Disco Doc.. 20 years down the highway. Congratulations..


I was born in 1979, and now appreciate the legacy of a great era that will never fade.


Great music is time-less. I realise this every Friday night when I DJ the disco, by the requests that I get.


Still discovering great 70's and 80's music, reveals more of the sounds of this not-forgotten era.


From one disco devotee to another, DISCO IS BACK BABY! (and more popular than ever)



Resident DJ - Friday Night Disco

Wauchope RSL Club


Sun, 19 Sep 1999 12:23:16 +1000

Got woken up early by the light globes flashing inside my head...
Will put this on my home page
Just had to share it with you,


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in space
a spectrum of colours
surging through shadowy mists
cosmic forces
streaming out of the ether.
an energy of colour
forming into shapes
of swirling
and splitting into stars.
a feeling of warmth
and sound.
In the beginning ...
was the word ...
which spoke
as the essence
of all living things
and expanded
into one universal humanity.
and I awoke
with the realisation
as the rhythm of a heartbeat ...
became the drumbeat for



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I'm sure that the disco atmosphere re-kindles distant memories of how we were,
before we became form.
And our passion for about creation itself...
The enchantment that you momentarily lost
when you woke up and wrote "Bewitched"
Powerful stuff...



Just dropped into your home page
and found the disco formula/theory/equation
from your 1979 diary
and the footnote at the bottom ...

Now, please take into consideration that I am no egg-head
(my brother got the brains in our family, he is assoc. professor doc. at
Macquarie Uni, Sydney)
but I do believe, in light of my 'inspiration' this morning,
that any 'end' to disco must equal the end of creation.
Disco, like life, will keep going round and round
and, to quote the Backstreet Boys,
" long as there is music, I'll be comin' back again ..."