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I have been involved in graphics and the fine arts for over 35 years... Photography, Oil on Canvas,
Pen & Ink, Videography, Commercial Graphic Presentation, etc.  Below are examples of my latest
medium, "Digital Photo-Graphics".

(I also designed these pages and the graphics/animations):


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(All of these images depict scenes in and around Cleveland, Ohio, USA)


Morning Rain


City Street


Haunted House



Memories of a fleeting image are molded by the mind (and a few computer tools in this case)... My image
files are done in a style that I call "Digital Impressionism", (I use a similar impressionistic style when I do oil
paintings  and pen & ink drawings)... I use a digital camera for the original images, then rework the images
using various paint programs and tools.

Questions or comments welcome. E-mail me at:

(A 75% reduction)

The driver in this '65 Olds died. The passenger, who fled the scene, was never found. The driver had three
times the legal  limit  for  alcohol  in  his  bloodstream.  See "CAR CRASH" on  my  
Animations Page.






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