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Sally Evans

Seattle, WA

Mar 4, 1998 11:04


I love your pictures and your music, beautiful website.

Jan Pickering

Reading, TX

Mar 4, 1998 11:07


I really liked your morphs, especially Baby Minnie.

Bill Gates


Mar 4, 1998 16:08


Lets talk Carney. You have not answered numerous messages.

Carolyn Venier

New Orleans, LA

Mar 5, 1998 13:53


Lots of great stuff on your FREE Page. Great pictures too.

Kathleen Carney


Mar 5, 1998 23:33


Hey dad it's great didn't find any thing better to look at all night kept finding my self back to your web good job I new you always had it in you what do they exspect from a carney lol love ya good job.

Nunzio Cicero

Atlantic City, NJ

Mar 6, 1998 23:48


Yo, Carney. I thought mabey the Feds put you on the witness protection program or something. You moved very suddenly, at least you're website did. Every time I come to visit your site gets better. You should be famous by now. Your friend for life, Nunzi.

Gary Frederico

Atlantic City, NJ

Mar 7, 1998 00:01


Hey Carney, Nunzi, Tony, Guido, Frank and the rest of the guys are sitting around this freaking computer looking at your art. (Nunzi's helping me write this). Hey, when you coming to see us again? Always party time here. No worrys! Friends For Life.

Guido Macaluso

Atlantic City, NJ

Mar 7, 1998 00:09


Carney, it's guido.Remember the old days, hell raisers us all. Nunzi said you just sent mail and said lay off. Screw you Carney, come down and MAKE ME. Ha, Ha, I don't want no trouble, just kidding. Your Friend For Life, Guido.

Franco Sardenia

Atlantic City, NJ

Mar 7, 1998 00:30


Carney you Dago-Irish, Nunzi said you sent another mail and said get off my website or I'll come down there and kill you all . Carney I'm getting out, couldn't get out with out saying HEY. Friends For Life, Frank.

Pat Crosby

Yuma, Arizona

Mar 11, 1998 06:23


Great pictures and animations. Lots of neat stuff on your free page too.

Charlene Engrove

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mar 11, 1998 19:11


Lovely site Carney, Love your artwork. Keep up the swell stuff.


Walla Walla

Mar 14, 1998 21:51


So funny you will puke



Mar 15, 1998 00:01


josh scott

west virginia

Mar 15, 1998 01:40


very impressive

josh scott

west virginia

Mar 15, 1998 01:41


very impressive

Gail Robertson

Seattle, WA

Mar 16, 1998 20:34


More free stuff than I ever saw.



Mar 24, 1998 22:42


Yo O'Carney! You sure pulled a fast one on me! I know you can read this cause you are always in Cyberspace. In the brief time I got to know each other I believe we were the best of friends. In fact, you said a couple emails ago "it's been a couple months now and I think we are real friends". Not just words crossing over the lines. I hope you like the honor I bestowed on you for all the splendid animations you created especially for "our" Web museum theater. It's now your place of honor, for the falling Irish Warrior, retitled The O'Carney Webmuseum Theater. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? That ring, the last bell, has come to you here and now. But I know, 'cause you told me so, that you feel you knew me from some past life and I must'ta been Irish. So now you're kicking ass somewhere else, watching over your family and me as usual, giving advice whether we like it or not. You keep your chin up and I'll show you how far I'm going to take this Webmuseum thing. Hey man, I love you like a big brother and REALLY GOING TO MISS YOU AND ALL THAT EMAIL EVERYDAY! (sol) (sobbing out loud in aol geek talk) Farewell and Aloha, Doc

Marion Elizabeth Carney

Cleveland Ohio

Mar 27, 1998 22:05


Dad, Although you passed on to a better place on Monday .I will continue to visit your website everyday .I'm really missing you !!! I feel as if I will never be the same again .Although I will remain strong for mom and the others just like I know you would want me too. tell Grandma I love her as well now that the two of you are together once again . I love you Dad and you will always remain in my thoughts and daily prayers. Your little girl Marion xxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tracy L. Carney~Coulter

Arlington, Texas

Mar 29, 1998 13:34


Hi Daddy, As Marion said, you've passed on to a better place on 3/23/98~ And you are with Grandma now.... I know that you will still come to check on you're Website Dad, as you did everyday! We are keeping it open in your honer, so folk's can see the wonderful work you've done, and the Many, Many Award's you've recieved for your talent. I too am missing you very, very much, as all of your 7 children are, And Mommy.. You would be very proud of Mom! She is being as strong as she possibly can, and I know that in some way you will comfort her. Us kid's will comfort her in any way we can. It's hard Dad, but I know that you would want us ALL to be strong, because that is the way You & Mom raised us, and I know that We will all be together again, because life on earth is really VERY SHORT! I really Miss You Daddy!! And will visit your Web site Daily. I love you Very Much!! Love Alway's ... Your crybaby of the bunch! Tracy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Kathleen Carney

Cleveland Oh.

Mar 29, 1998 13:57


Hey to my friend and father im going to miss the talks we used to have and miss your laugh and sense of humor and you telling me how proud you are of me and coming over on my day off and spending the day with you i really do miss you dad it's just not fare you'll be in my thought's always GOD please take of my DADDY.

Tracy Carney~Coulter

Arlington, Texas

Mar 29, 1998 15:21


To all of you who visit our Dad's Website~ This is just a way for us to talk to our father, he loved this Website very much, "almost".. as much as he loved Our Mother, (his wife for 36 yrs) and his Family! Our Father put ALOT of very hard work into this Web, and had many talents! AS YOU CAN ALL SEE! Please continue to give Our Father you're comments on his work, and just let him know what you think. This web will be updated as much as possible, with help from InkMySkin1, (Aunt Romain) And Mom, as she get's more familiar with cyberspace. Dont worry Mom, Dad will help you too! A Very Special Thank You To "Doc", Our Father's Newest, and Dearest Friend. Our Father spoke of you often, and was impressed with your work as well! Thank You So Much For The Honer You Have Bestowed upon Our Father. He is indeed, Smilin down on you. And Yes Our Father DID Have those SMILIN IRISH EYES! `:) Thank All Who Visit, and Thank You all, who has EM'ed Our Family with your warm reguards..... Hangin In There.... "The O'Carney Family"

Sandra Carney


Mar 29, 1998 17:07


Hello there Dad, I know you are reading this in Cyberspace as Doc said and I just wanted to tell you that I Love You and I am going to miss you very,very,very much..... I know you are in a better place right now but I still cant help missing you and that I hurt very much. Like you use to say that there is always a bright side to everything that happens in life and you just have to wait and be patience and it will come to you.... Dad I just wanted to say that we all love you all 9 of us and that we will always love you no matter where you may be.......So stay strong we will be ok and so will mom so you enjoy life now and we will make sure that mom will be takin very good care of ok.... Love Always Your Munchie Girl

Betty Carney


Mar 29, 1998 18:28


Hi Bubba, I know you hated that,but you will always be my BUBBA. I miss you so very much.My heart aches so bad,But like you taught me be strong and proud and I am trying to be just for you..We had a good life togerther and you gave me 7 beautiful children. You were my lover and my bestfriend I could always talk to you about anything and I am going to miss that. I'll also miss you making my Tea in the morning and laying out my vitamins.... I know your ok now no more pain now the pain is in our hearts.... Honeys I Love You forever and aday.When it is my time I know you'll be waiting with open arms. (BOY COULD I USE A HUG RIGHT NOW) The kids are a great comfort to me Thank you for all of them. Your one and only Lady

kevin j. coulter

Arlington, TX.

Mar 29, 1998 22:22


Dad, you will be missed very much, But never forgoten. I raise my cup in salute to you and remember all the good times we had together. Remember raising cane at Queens? When we reunite we will do it again. Just for old time sakes! you take care and rest in peace. I'll keep this Irish clan you built in line. See you down the road, your son-in -law , and good freind. Kevin

R. Deevers

Columbus, Ohio

Mar 30, 1998 11:24


Well Carney, what can I say......if you ever need any help while out in cyberspace let me know.....not that I will give you the answer or anything....LOL I want you to know that I admired you for all your strength and creativity and I love your family immensely as you do. Please visit me occasionally, but not real often...you know how I am.....real spooky....LOL.....thanx for letting me sleep in your bed.....it's pretty comfortable and thanx for knocking down the curtains, the blinds, and opening and closing the door. That was quite nice of you......LOL....I love ya.....see ya in cyberspace..... Your favorite pain......SIL

R. Deevers

Columbus, Ohio

Mar 31, 1998 09:03


Dennis, I want you to know what a beautiful family you have. Your personality shines through each child you created. The love that they show for one another is phenomenal. I dreamed of you last night and wanted you to know that I will do my best at keeping your web site together. What an honor it was to be asked by your family to upkeep it. I feel very proud as I know that you were of all members of your family. You may have journeyed to another dimension, but will live with them forever. Please help Tracy with a feeling of peace and comfort, she is having a difficult time. Know that you will be missed by all but never forgotten. Your legacy will live on in everyone's personal lives and in cyberspace. Thanx for the nice dream. I now feel very comfortable. See ya. Your favorite pain, Main......

Kathleen(your Katt)Carney


Apr 1, 1998 01:54


It is often nice to see that dad's got such a loving family and if dad saw how strong were all being he'd be even prouder. I just want to thank Doc for his comfort to my family and his friendship to my dad and please everyone keep visiting my dad's web it's great to hear from you my father still enjoys it so please continue.Dad please come see your kitty katt soon I'll fill more at peace when you do and i know you will love your middle daughter your always in my heart,mind, and soul dad rest in peace pop's love and miss you dearly.oooooooxxxxxxyyyyyyyyy.

Sean K McLaughlin


Apr 4, 1998 01:03


Dad,well I never thought it would happend......We joked about it but who knew it would happen so fast...well,just to let you know,our fishing trip is still on......Your not getting out of it that fast.....lol...I know when I am out on the boat you are going to be right along with me....But this time you wont get sunburned..........lol Well you always said you have to keep a sense of humor....:-)~ But on a serious note,there are so many things I never got to tell you......Like one thing two guys just don't say to each other....".I Love You"......But you knew that, just like I knew you loved me....Almost four years ago, when I first started dating your daughter Munchie,you were unsure of me....But as soon as we got to know each other we hit it off,and when you found out I was Irish, I was realy in there...!!! We shared alot of good talks,helping me steer my life in the right direction....You were there for me through the hardest time of my life.....Dad I cant begain to tell you how much you helped me deal with that......I know now, you are up there with her,and now I know she is ok.....I remember when the first time you called me "kid".You told me, you did'nt call me that because of my age, it was because you thaught of me as one of your own......Well,I took that to heart.....That is when I started calling you "DAD" Knowing I was raised without a father,you took me in and treated me like your own....For that I am truley greatful.....And I am proud to be able to raise your grand-daughter,and can't wait to tell her about her grandpa.............With lots of love and respect....................... Your Irish, Soon to be, Son~n~Law...

J. Carney

Youngest Carney Child

Apr 5, 1998 16:02


Well dad, What can I say? You were my best friend, and mentor.. I looked up to you, and you did nothing but admire my hard work.. I can remember the smile you gave me when I brought home the "proclamation" from the city of clevelands mayor. I can remember you placed your hand on my shoulder, and said to me "I'm proud of you kid! " You taught each of us kids to be independant, humorous, and respectful, but I think when I lived at home we became best of friends, I will miss our 4 hour long talks daddy, our debates on who will use the computer, and most of all having you watch me dance... I am now taking tap lessons, and soon will be joining the near west theaters production of "irish Techno Melodies". I will miss you dad, I guess as the youngest in the family we had a special bond.. I feel that you will be watching over me, tripping me everytime I head into the direction of "badness". I will be strong for mom dad, but just know I loved you and respected you. You will always be the #1 father in any world. I will miss you the most as your yougest child, but I will be ok because I know one day you will be waiting to slap me in the back of the head because I cried..=) (Well maybe not looking forward to the slap in the head ) I didn't cry for my sadsaddness dad, I cried for mom because out of all of us mom will miss you the most.. There are times I cried because I will miss you "alot".. But I stopped myself only because I know I will see you when my time comes to pass on. untill then dad, I love you, and will miss you Greatly!! Your youngest Creation XoXoOxOx