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This ring is composed of artists making an effort to provide art unique to the Internet for the sake of virtual visual arts culture or "Cyberculture"


more detail mission statement:

Cyberart Ring includes Web sites of digital art MADE for the Web audience to contribute to the growth of indigenous online Cyberculture. The main intent of the artists for their sites is enrichment of the Internet through applied fine arts. Instead of merely scanning art done for the physical world, effort here is to create art unique and dependant on the global Web environment and its alternative virtual exhibition space.
-www.webring .org listing of ring's description

What "Cyberart" Means to Me - by Ladyhawk, Asst. Webmaster


A detailed & always expanding definition/description of cyberart by the Ringmaster

If your work relates even to just one of these listed concepts, you're a

Cyber Art Ring

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