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The Art Ring of Webmuseum Cybercolony at

First, copy the following HTML fragment and add it to your webpage. Also fill out the form below to apply for admission into the ring. Make sure you include the URL of the actual page with the HTML (below). When you are sure that the code is properly placed on your page and the images are in place, your site will be ready for review. This process will take several days, so be patient. You will receive notification when the review process is completed.

Just copy and paste the fragment between the double lines to your homepage.

<!-- Begin Cyber Art Ring Fragment -->
 <td><a href=""><IMG SRC="" ALT="Cyber Art Ring" WIDTH=252 HEIGHT=141 BORDER=0></a>
 This site is part of the <a href="">Cyber Art Ring</a>

 This site is owned by <a href="mailto:YOUR_EMAIL_HERE">YOUR_NAME_HERE</a>.<br>
 Click for the [ <a href="">Next
 Page</a> | <a href="">Skip It</a> | <a
 href="">Previous</a> | <a
 href="">Next Five</a>]<br>

 Want to join the ring?<a href=""> Click here for

 <!-- End Cyber Art Ring Fragment -->


It should look like this on your page

Cyber Art Ring

This site is part of the Cyber Art Ring
This site is owned by Webmuseum Cybercolony.
Click for the [ Next Page | Skip It | Previous | Next Five]

Want to join the ring? Click here for info.

Be sure to add your name, email address and id number in the respectable slots.

You may choose to use the displayed Cyberart Ring graphics logo or one of the
following smaller versions:

After you have submitted the application form and added the HTML to your page, click on the following link to Add your site to the Cyberart Ring. We assume your art is worthy to be in the ring. Self service, self regulated.  If, however, on work that may be offensive to any person or group is brought to the Ringmaster's attention, then it shall be deleted from the ring. So let's all cooperate to keep our ring open to the whole family.

Submit site to the Cyberart Ring

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Congratulations and Welcome into Cyberart Ring!


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