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sample oil painting with bamboo framing



Alex Alexander & Associates represent the artist, Pygoya, in negotiation sales and commissions for the following works included in this online portfolio. Sales and commissions in any of these works initiated by efforts of the agency include compensation to the agency.

Each cyberart image is available as the following works of fine art -

1. Signed & Numbered limited print editions, Epson archival prints - acid free print watercolor paper stock with inks that the manufacturer claims 200 years stability if displayed in reasonable lighting (no harsh direct sunlight). Print sizes are approximately 10" x 13.5".

2. Conventional digital output Giclee' prints with similar color fast projected life spans of other traditional printmaking inks and pigments, roughly 35 - 75 years according to research studies. Available as Signed & Numbered limited print editions with maximum size of 3.5' x 6'.
Most popular print size is around 24" x 30".

3. Commissioned large oil or acrylic paintings from original digital images, most popular size is 6'x4'

4. Murals as 'output' - with adequate lead time and budget, original mural size paintings on canvas are available through the artist's supervision of his collaborating artisan team of professional painters.  Works can be as large as desired, even up to  20'x 16'. Suggested format of execution of such large works is the creation of painted panels that are assembled together into one large framed work of art. Such scale has powerful impact and prestige for corporate entrance lobbies and halls.



About the artist
Portrait of the Artist
Interview with the artist by Alex Alexander
Interview in Deutsch (German) 
Translated by Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig

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Works Available - again, sizes range from prints of 10"x 13" through 30" x 48" to commissioned paintings from popular 6' x 4' up to mural sizes of 20' x 8'. 

More cyberart that can be rendered into painted canvases!

2002- 100 Cyberbabies!
2003- 120 Cyberbabies!
2003- 309 WEB-BABIES!
Baby Boomers: This Art's For You!

Sample oil paintings

Sizes and Pricing for Commissioned original cyber-oil paintings

Sizes and Pricing German   Spanish   Japanese



Alex Alexander & Associate's
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Kevin Ing, Consultant, Asia -
Phuong "Fong" Tran, Print editions/Exhibition Manager - 001-808-533-3469


All content on this site (c) Copyright - Creative Frontiers International, Inc. All rights reserved.