Truly Virtual Web Art Museum


Exhibits  2016







The Church Goer

The Church Goer, an arts comic film, October 22, 2016 1st draft






EYES ON YOU,  an arts comic film, October 9, 2016

EYES ON YOU, premiere











A Very Special Flower, an arts comic film, October 3, 2016

A Very Special Flower, 2nd revision (incomplete end), September 23, 3016
A Very Special Flower, lst draft, September 22, 2016








an arts comic film, August 14, 2016








- an arts comic film, August 28, 2016     1st draft


Final Version

(Changes done at 1.05 and also7.40 and 7.52)






- an arts comic film, based upon real urban legend, Aug. 12, '16    FINAL VERSION


Working drawings








 Better Late Than Never,  an arts comic film, a runner's nightmare, August, 6, 2016
lst draft










1st Draft version
an arts comic film, July 28, 2016








Remembering Whitney, an arts film, July 19, 2016







SHARK!, an arts film, July 13, 2016





Working drawings









Honeymooners in Lahaina, an arts comic film, July 4, 2016









Heavenly Touch, an arts film, June 28, 2016









Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Referenced to original 2015 art film for which the is a new version update

 A comic film concept by Rodney Chang, June 26, 2016








Paradise Found, Big Island Hawaii forest-garden, June 24, 2016








Spiritual Retreat, Big Island Hawaii  forest-garden, June 20, 2016








Volcano Garden Delights, Big Island Hawaii forest-garden, June 18, 2016









DOJO, a comic art film, June 15,2016, 1st draft









A Miracle for Father Henry, an arts film, premiere version June 1, 2016








Home Life June 2016, an arts film, June 2, 2016








Rubba-Dub-Dub, a comic film, May 30, 2016   About








A Fall From Grace, a comic film, May 24, 2016  premier version- black & white drawings

Young boys go with their uncle on a dangerous fishing trip along rocky Hawaiian cliffs.

 A monster of the sea turns their dream fishing trip into a nightmare.







Bangor Nights, a mp4 short film, June 26, 2016








The Hotel Room, a comic film, May 16, 2016   3rd draft  2nd draft  premier version








Uninvited Guests a comic film, April 27 , 2016  premier version








The Gambler a Western comic film, April 9 , 2016 premier version









The Brawl, a comic film, April 8, 2016









My Hawaiian Garden Art, an arts film, April 16, 2016









Hawaiian Garden Delights 2, an arts film, April 5, 2016









Hawaiian Garden Delights, an arts film, April 1, 2016










Body Parts, an arts film, March 24, 2016










Py's Garden & Life 2,  an art film  exhibition, March 28, 2016











Py's Garden & Life 1photo exhibition, March 25, 2016










Creepy Crawlers, an arts film, March 15,2016. Creepy Crawlers, 1st draft










Garden Art, an art film, Pygoya, March 11, 2016










Helping Hand, a comic film, Pygoya, March 6, 2016










LAVA MAN, a comic film, Pygoya, February 25, 2016 1st draft










THE TIMELY TUNE, a comic film, Pygoya, February 9, 2016









MARILYN, a comic film, Pygoya, February 8, 2016 (Chinese New Year)   Bio  Bio2  MARILYN -1st draft










PYGOYA'S ORCHID GARDEN, an arts film, January 2016










MAKAPU BYSTANDER, a comic film, Pygoya, January 29, 2016 (edited)










MAINE DELIGHTS, a comic film, Pygoya, January  2016 1st draft










Maine's Dinosaur Man passes, January 3, 2016










THE 3- LEGGED PIG, a comic film, Pygoya, January 11, 2016










CRUISE DOWN THE AMAZON, a comic film, Pygoya, January 1, 2016 Backup   Bu2









All You Can Eat, a comics film, Pygoya, December 30, 2015