April 15, 2003




Hi Chris,

Besides E-tertainment Net Cafe, other cyberart applications to consider would be Pygoya Web Art Cafe & Gallery, Cyberart Cafe & Lounge, and demographically targeted Boomer Cafe & Lounge.

Here's another vision I have for a franchise system with your guidance for big time profits.

Enter  Disco Doc's - Dance & Web Lounge!

Disco Doc what?

I have been a loyal and steady patron of the disco/dance club scene in Honolulu. Ocean's, Rumours, before that Scruples, and Bobby McGlees. I know were the crowd is going to now on Tuesday (afterwork single women in free), Thursday (Spanish dancing), Friday (50s, 60s, 70s music, rap for the black military cash crowd), and Saturday (Disco, Hip Hop). I know how to get that traffic to something they all lack. Class and Tech Entertainment Environment.

For the first, my pet dream project, Fairy Godmother,

Disco Doc's Dance Club-

Features in business model-

Pygoya Cafe-nated Art Gallery sign in seating area for conversationists, daters, access to open air bar to service both this quieter area (sound proof, but not cut off from the energy of the dance floor and crowd - available earphones) with large screen 3D animation of my art (for sale, each cell has item id no.), the SAME animation playing above the dance floor, just like those big graphic presentation systems about NBA basketball court arena. But instead of the court we have the dance floor. On stucco Spanish antique white walls of the seating area for the dance crowd, like the Colliseum, rolls of diferent level seating, each connected with an tiny cyrstal lights on each side of the steps of an aisle that descends to the arena - the court, the dance floor. For furnishings, black leather lounge chairs or more edgy contemporary classy chairs, some sofa booths. Little partitions and white Greek columns for the seating immediate to the perimeter of the dance floor. Imagine, sitting with girl in best ring side seats of the house (all Reserved, $ for that seat), with Greek columns to dance floor, latch door to open so you have private entry and departure to the dance floor from your open booth. Again, each such seating has menu of art titles of works presented as animation for sale as prints and DVDs and CDs, which they can check out and give the cocktail waitress eager, informed of the historical important of Pygoya editions and therefore a good long term investment collectible, backed by your financial and managerial expertise.

So I can work with designer and architect to create my long time ideal for dance needs to be integrated with art for sale through progressive distribution channels.

Arena for dancing (and dance competitions, and Disco Doc dance presentations- imagine the marketability - the guy who made the art and atmosphere a reality in customers/patrons (later art patrons-collectors?), is dancing right here! To seal the fate of the business art concept with dance club I propose I create a special digital art series for display - not in a frame, but through multiple in-sync digital screens, protected from the dancing weight above through thick plexiglass floor (non-skid).

Synchronizes with beat of any song. There are special considerations in creating digital art as dance floor art - a first in art history again! For example, I have to test each design (actually work of art that can be printed and dancers take home memories of their dancing - on that floor, frame of reference, interior decoration). I can design for different associative dancer experience - like Universal Studios. With proper controls for floor light from the DJ booth, with the floor, the dancers (and viewers - from the booths in concentric circles around the floor), the lounge area with sound proofing and earphones, the automated take me home art prints of the floor art series and everything on the DVD/CD that also hangs on the walls as quality autographed art prints, a unique experiencing in clubbing. The lounge can be an internet cafe style business with gaming graphic accelerator card PCs.

Need yet more shocking innovation within the club scene? No problem -

1. Bring in the Baby Boomers by making something special for their entertainment dollar.

2. Next to the arena Disco Doc dance floor, multiple mini-dance floor rooms, with mirror walls so you can see yourself and partner dancing. All class cubles with danceable flooring. Can pull the curtains in you want to be Private Dancer(s). Outside the dance rooms, there's an electronic selection panel for style of floor (disco floors of different dance eras - 70s, 80s, 90, 00s) with appropriate selection of songs - played on best Boise sound system per room. Even a 50s retro Decorative Art style ice cream pallor of the 50s. So, in fact, vendor-izing the dance floor. Custom juke box selections now with danceable floor in privacy or not, people seated can watch either the arena or these lit up booths when somebody goes inside by paying $10 for 3 songs. Don't forget in the sound proof room, a corner (as in Starbucks, Barnes & Nobles) where the wealthier, yes older, clients can lounge around in a bookshelf setting with fake Ok fireplace.


What do you think? Have an architect layout the club, square feet/layout-architect involved from start with furnishings, get gallery director as consultant (sales leads, commissions, cross link shows to bring customer traffic both ways).

Profitable Biz Model would work right now. The sooner the better because I am still the best disco dancer but now 57. It is perfect if I can dance at my current peak level of performance while personally presenting the art for sale.


Pygoya - featured artist-dancer host