January 22, 2005
Rodney Chang, MA, MSEd, DDS, PhD


Initial Planning for W. 820 Main Street, Cottage Grove, Oregon
(not set in concrete)

(seek consultation of architect, contractor, managing directors, retailers, volunteers, art guild)


Main Entrance (change to glass door, white Doric columns)

-cafe and gift shop

-ticket counter with first floor guide/docent/security personnel

-partitioning wall and entry into major exhibition space, Internet Art Museum
- Partitioned separate exhibits in the Internet Art Museum (major draw as only one in the world, based upon "Webism" (search the word in google.com for more detail information), of which Pygoya is the founder

  (1) main visitor attraction room : Pygoya's 11'x6' oil on canvas, "Assembly," rendered with hand painted 4mmx4mm squares in  oil paint that compose the digital overall image design, adding up to over 200,000 hand painted squares! Guess the years to paint contest - answers in a jar. Plus other works in permanent collection of Internet artists' works--collection of  World Wide Webists, R2001 art group, DASH, other works that reside in the cyberspace of the Internet, Steve Gartel, Riz Dimon, Prof. Franke, other famous digital artists

(2) Featured international solo or group show

(3) Pygoya Historical Gallery (digital oils, other media - 1983-present) (or Pygoya Museum)

Partitioned from Internet Art Museum-

SE Entry (change to glass door)

   - Cottage Grove historical photographic, antique/artifacts collection


-permanent collection of  World Wide Webists, R2001 art group, DASH, other works that reside in the cyberspace of the Internet

Flight of stairs - existing, possibly add another spiral one, lift (when budget can accommodate, a uniformed congenial senior citizen operator who also gives schedule tours of CG history gallery))



Performance Theater-

seating - fold up or permanent theater seating

Partitioned room for performance school - youth ballet, jazz, drama, magic, other

Existing Apartment - renovate into crafts room/class

Partition room for crafts gallery 



Building management and administration office


Planning Committee

Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang, property owner, artist, museum director and curator, overseer of overall building networked enterprises, Internet domain design, production and maintenance; exhibit & historical publications,
program for interactivity with other institutions, networking resources/student learning with University of Oregon and OSU; possibly later teach at Lane Community College Annex, "History of digital and Internet art"

Architect -?
-goal is to maintain the integrity of the historical architecture (1896) inside and out, but with a contemporary museum setting for the Internet Art Museum.  Create transitional space, say the gift shop area, to connect to the cafe with a 1890s decor and cultural flavor (music of the time as background music), tie in theme to operational existing lift. Add something to soften up the harsh east side of the exterior with wall abutting to sidewalk with no greenery or shade; also add landscaping to parking lot and balcony area, change chain link fence to a wooden or vinyl fence; consider economic but proper lighting for art and antique displays, refurbish the 2nd floor theater and solve the seating and practice performance space problems, 3rd floor office and storage layout; need for lst floor easy access storage for exchange shows and Pygoya art storage needs; work out a fire exit system for the building; guard against flooding; review integrity of existing old structure for any needed reinforcement of load bearing components.

Contractors' bids

2nd Floor Managing Partner - Hysterical Society- performance hall, community performance school

Dr. Chang's Managing Partner - building manager, lst floor museum, craft shop/teacher staff;
liaison with local government, writer of grant applications, gain nonprofit organization status, establish building on historical register; marketing and promotion of the arts center and museum with coordination of Cottage Grove overall efforts to promote itself as a tourist destination; meet all requirements of safety codes, tenant liability agreements and insurance

Publisher/Printer- ?

Marketing agent - for the museum, art center, performance, and as part of Cottage Grove's tourist promotion program



Nonprofit organizational status
Grant/Funding for skeletal museum staff  (only CG residents employeed)
 Director/financial manager, Lift Operator/historical gallery docent/tour, Gift Shop clerk, security (1 for top floor, 1 for 2nd floor), curator (free for now, Pygoya)

Registered Historic Building

Other fees to CG residents - architect, lawyer, contractor, publisher, marketing/promotions, repairs, building materials, lighting, landscaping, grant writer, ad agency, accounting, insurance, framing, air condition, heating, furnishing, art & craft supplies, maintenance/cleaning materials, signage, curtains, office equipment, computers & peripherals, cash register, van, misc.