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on Thursday, May 5th, Ingrid Kamerbeek said

You can make y(our) dream come true. GOOD LUCK!!!! Ingrid and worldwide Webists

on Thursday, May 5th, Mike Butler said

Hey, Py. Go for the dream!! You can always sell the prints through a webfront store to supplement sales.

If anyone can do it, you can.

on Thursday, May 5th, WB05 - Web Biennial said

Open Call for Net Art and Web Art

The Web Biennial 2005, is the only international
bi-annual contemporary art exhibition created exclusively for the World Wide Web. The open call is ongoing all through 2005 but presentation is on first come first serve bases. No limitation on media or size but paricipating projects should be send to us as URL's ONLY.

We require every proposal to have a custom title in their head tags: "Web Biennial 2005- Name of the Artist- Name of the Project"