The Harmonics rock band, 1963, Honolulu
Rodney Chang: 1st row, left, age 17; award
winning band (11-1 in talent competitions)




Dr. Rodney Chang, artist-dentist; Lewis, 1973




Disco Doc at Playboy Club, 1980




Disco Doc Dental Health Board Game, 1980




Ripley's Believe It or Not! - world newspapers, 22 languages, 1981




I met art professor and famous NYC digital artist Rox Dimon at the reception of 
the nationally juried digital art exhibition at the Bronx Art Museum. Her work was 
also included.  We hit it off and she invited my fiancée and myself to her city
 loft party. There she offered custom portraits to guest, displaying the then 
state-of-the-art video camera input to the Amiga 1000 computer.  For $100 I 
commissioned a portrait of what she thought of me.   
Portrait of Rodney Chang, Roz Dimon, 1987




"Art Object," Disco Doc at a Halloween disco clinic party, 1980s





Europe Art Tour Portrait, Pygoya, 2003





Self Portrait, Pygoya., 2003










Pygoya Retrospective Show comments



I am overwhelmed at your creativity.
Your entry for your project is wonderful in every
way. I love the pics and you did it RIGHT, with
the different periods and all. And I LOVE YOUR
SCULPTURE! It's fabulous! And your disco period
and all the other periods from shittyhood  to
adulthood. (editor's note: you can delete this
and change it to "baby days" if it offends anyone
) It's all just wonderful - congratulations.

Cecil Herring 9-14-04