Art/Portrait Time Capsules

an online Webists RETROSPECTIVE on the creative life



This is an online exhibition featuring the chronological change of artist and his/her over time. It is a documentation of Webists (artists who contribute original art to the Internet's cyberculture) creative efforts before and after the advent of the Internet and even digital tools.  This show is proof that for many digital artists, "pushing a mouse" (instead of a brush) is the chosen and preferred tool for making art. 

As exhibiting artists we are always requested to provide an 'artist's portrait." This Web based show provides the special interest in seeing what the artist looked like at the time specific works were done during development years of artist or merely what interested the artist and how it was expressed at certain periods of his/her life. 

So enjoy witnessing the journey of global artists as they reveal who they were, what they made, and how they and their art have matured in the present.


Pygoya, concept and project director
a Webist, August 31, 2004

archived "call for entries"