An Introduction to Digital Hawaii Art Capsule


This show is a child of the Internet. Within virtual "cyberspace", artists of distant lands become acquainted with each other's work and collaborations are conceived. Such multi-cultural, multi-national and multi-media comingling of distant creativities then channel back online and become original Web-based, Web-bred, "cyberculture". Through the synthesis of such creative energy and vision, members of Internet art "rings" such as the international provide e-culture for the millions that roam the vast and virtual frontier called the World Wide Web.

Pygoya and Gardiana became acquainted as fellow members of They both utilize the digital graphic medium to express their artistic talents and harbor mutual appreciation and respect for each other's work. Eventually Gardiana visited Pygoya in his native Hawaii. Upon returning to Taiwan the concept surfaced of using Gardiana's touring photographs of the island as content for a co-project that counterbalanced Pygoya's art, endemic to the land in which he lived. Thus literal tropical landscape, seascape and the city of Honolulu are contrasted if not transformed through the eyes and mind of a visiting "tourist" artist when coalesced with the digital painting of the Hawaiian contemporary "computer artist".

Adept with the wizardry of multimedia, Gardiana directs and produces Digital Hawaii Art Capsule. The result is a stunning new vision of this land called "paradise" with its hula girls, palm trees, idyllic beaches and scented garlands of flowers. The online artistic experience is built on polarities, such as nature/city; abstract/realism, tourist/local perspectives, past/present and even day/night.

What is most salient for these two artists is their momentary encounter of each other's way of seeing Nature, now encapsulated as a "show" online. A historical meeting of artistic visions in the real world of Hawaii becomes timeless, yet ephemeral "virtual reality" within Internet cyberspace.



數位夏威夷藝術膠囊 純網路雙人展─導言


這並不是一個為了代替在真實藝廊展出機會的網路作品展,對於Pygoya 【鄭耀宗】及Gardiana 【曾思中】來說,在網路上策畫這樣的一個展演,比在真實世界裡更要來的真實而非虛擬實境。首先,在網路上我們所謂之真實姓名並不適用,Pygoya及Gardiana都是為了存在網際網路而建立的新身份→名字。


Pygoya 與 Gardiana 因同屬於R2001藝術國都無國界計畫─http://r2001.com中的成員,而在網路上結識,相互分享藝術作品及觀念。【我們一般稱之為網友,一般非上網族群會對網友一詞帶有點“不真實”的色彩】─直到1999年六月Gardiana到夏威夷渡假,兩人才首度會面。


這個展覽將於1999年八月正式在全球網際網路假 及 展出,沒有下檔期限,將保存整個數位展覽。



姬原形 策展製作台灣•台北



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