digital hawaii art capsule show _ the pure internet art show from artist Gardiana Tony Tseng Shu Chung from Taiwan and Pygoya, Rodney chang from Hawaii






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in English and  Chinese BIG5

show starting from August 1999 ~on WWW only

monitor setup : 800X600/colour 256 or higher/browser4.0+/Java enable

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N o t e from the curator/director/artist

this is an internet art show, it is not an alternative on-line show of a real show . don't look for the gallery address, because you already there........and this is REAL..................................

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G a r d i a n a from T a i p e i

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for further infomation about artists, please visit their website

Gardiana Pygoya


This historic multimedia exhibition has officially been accepted into Scotland's 1999
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and is also contributing content for art ring's 1999 Japan exhibition