First time use of word "Webism" by Pygoya, published in December 1999 in Kolcutta (Calcutta), India, city newspaper


Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 05:58:34 -1000


Subject: ATTN:Mrs. Bhagat

Dear Mrs. Bhagat,

Passing thought on this from Shubhojoy: "Should make it a big event and more press coverage...intends to hold press conf/artist interviews instead of simply handing out press kits with artist bios and statements." Consider adding the following content to press releases to media-


Through the kind sponsorship of Oxford Bookstore and Gallery and Truly Virtual Web Art Museum ( Calcutta will have its historical FIRST exhibition of digital art. For India, the show of works by digital artists of India and around the world will be the first international exhibition of this art medium. Featured and invited artist is long time American digital artist, Dr. Rodney Chang of Hawaii.

The artist is known as Pygoya on the Internet and proclaims digital art as "Cyberart" or "Webism", emerging virtual art that is indigenous to online global Cyberculture. Chang has exhibited around the world, including the Shanghai Art Museum, making Chinese art history in 1988 as the first exhibiting digital artist in the P.R. of China. Local artist, Shubhojoy Mitra, will exhibit works that represent Calcutta. All exhibited works will be historically documented permanently online at

All this should assist in stirring up interest in our exhibition, truly a historical event!


Dr. Chang