Moment's Clarity of Thought

Pygoya, Sage Inn, Santa Fe, NM


    When I layer a jpeg file of pixels upon another in Photoshop, the combined monitor image is a subtraction or addition of each pixel's composite RGBs (red, green, and blue light waves).  Choice of completion is final; the separate digital layers are obliterated, each pixel's RBG values is now one inseparable quantity.  Then, after the picture is rendered on canvas with oil paints, there is no longer underlying quantitative values of pixelated light.  The math behind the picture is obliterated. Now there is just the painting, like residue in a crucible after the digital experiment, now far removed (deleted) from the artifact - and final act, of my creative process.


-Rodney Pygoya Chang

  March 22, 2006

(written on napkin at The Railyard restaurant, Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 22, 2006)