Photography by Pygoya of his 1st impressions/experience of Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 2006

The "light" is special in Santa Fe!  Developer of The Lofts said the footcandle lighting
in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the highest in the world!  So the town's a photographer's dream.

Spectacular visual journalism .. .so many impressions ...I loved the tour ..checked out all the photos.. - Jim, Oahu, Hawaii

Thank you Py for wonderful impressions from your trip.  It made me dream of Santa Fe.... LI, Bavaria, Germany


All images copyright 2006 Rodney Pygoya Chang






Santa Fe Museum of Fine Arts




Santa Fe Style 6




Entry way to The Georgia O'Keefe Art Museum

(note drainage spout on exterior wall that was subject for first image of photo show)




Outside the Georgia O' Keefe Museum




Georgia O'Keefe Museum Entry Courtyard

(management needs to change to color of that hose!)




Pueblo Indian Vendors - for hundreds of years at The Palace of Governors




I Bought My Daughter's Gift Here ( note missing necklace and pair of earrings at bottom middle; set for $40)




Contemplating - Vendors Considered Part of the Indian Musuem's Offering of Culture to Visitors




House in Santa Fe downtown




Side Street on Cerrillos Road




Santa Fe Alley




There's a Railing Through Me! (Uninhibited Natural Desert Growth in the City)




Burro Alley and the Lensic Performance Center (Opera, Symphony, Shakespeare, Ballet & More)




Cars That Drove in Santa Fe or Junkyard Along Way Back to the Airport





Inside the Airport




Another Sculpture at the Airport




Heading to Denver from Santa Fe, layover then Los Angeles airport, to get back to Honolulu





Colorado by Air, Abstract Landscape by Mother Nature




Farewell beautiful and famous Plaza, Until We Meet Again!








Py at the Plaza


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WOW, LOVE YOUR PICS OF SF!!!! 1st one of course is my absolute fav. Could have been done by me! Exactly my style! Yeah, perfect place for photographers obviously. YOU LOOK VERY NICE IN LOCAL STYLE INDIAN CLOTHING. And nice hat again but the black one is cooler for sure.....   The art market is where you are-:)))   LI, Bavaria, Germany