Photography by Pygoya of his 1st impressions/experience of Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 21-23, 2006

The "light" is special in Santa Fe!  Developer of The Lofts said the footcandle lighting
in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the highest in the world!  So the town's a photographer's dream.

Pygoya with Santa Fe artist Ursula Freer

Photos published in the Free New Mexican 

Well I guess this means you're an artist because you made a pilgrimage to Georgia O'Keefe/Alfred Stieglitz 
country and was impressed with the light.
- HR, San Diego, CA

It is a tonic to see that clarity. - HR, Houlton, Maine

All images copyright 2006 Rodney Pygoya Chang


Drought 2006, on The Georgia O' Keefe museum perimeter wall




Santa Fe Style 1








The Plaza




Palace of the Governors




Downtown 1




Downtown 2




Graffiti Santa Fe Style




Hotel Santa Fe




Suburb in Southwest Santa Fe



For Sale




Me at the Sage Inn




Dancing Bird




Fireplace at Sage Inn




Sun Setting




Santa Fe Icon




Another Icon



More Chili







Memorial New Mexican soldiers who perished in the infamous Batam March of WWII in the Philippines


More Santa Fe Visual Impressions


Loved your photo show!  Looks as though you had a great mini vacation playing cowboy/artist in the wild west.  Everything looks so bright and sunny.  Such a contrast to what it's been looking like in the NW lately.  Did you like the property  (art gallery/studio) that you went to check out? - SY, Salem, Oregon