So good news to read from Honolulu that Beyond-Earth Enterprises will be moving its headquarters to Roswell!

Questions - 
1. For the Photo flight kit package, how large a photo can be sent, can it be a artwork jpeg, and do I get it back?
2. Is the Nov. 15th flight taking off from Roswell airfield or elsewhere?
3. What is deadline to submit the photo kit for the flight?

I am investigating the hopes of opening Roswell's 2nd art gallery (there are a 3 museums). The Gallery only displays traditional SW art and is run by a group of local artists. I instead want to do a specialty gallery to promote Space (also UFO interests). So it seems we are both interested in capitalizing (locating) where the theme of space is popular here in the New Mexican desert.

Possibly we can work together to get excursions of school children to visit space art exhibitions, including your rocket launches and in-space photos. We could share proceeds and contribute a percent to science education in Roswell's school system.


Rodney Pygoya Chang, DDS, PhD



We have recorded your information for sending your name to Space and back. Your name will be placed on our next Spacebound rocket and launched to an altitude in excess of 62 miles (100 kilometers). If you have any questions, please contact us at information@beyond-earth.com.

Thank You,

Joe Latrell


Space-flight company announces move to Roswell

Duane Barbati
Record Staff Writer

Joe Latrell and T’Christopher Gardner, founders of Beyond-Earth Enterprises, a consumer-oriented space flight services company, announced Thursday they are moving the company’s headquarters from Colorado Springs, Colo. to Roswell.

Latrell and Gardner made the announcement at the Robert Hutchings Goddard Memorial Exhibition.

In 1930, Robert H. Goddard came to Roswell to research space rocketry and laid the foundations for what would become the space race, Chaves County Development Foundation President Frances Medrano said.

“On the 37th anniversary of the first ‘small step,’ Beyond-Earth is here to make space available for the average person,” Latrell said. “I remember the Apollo flights as a kid. My father bought a 20-inch color television to watch Neil Armstrong take the first steps on the moon. It is time to take the next step.”

Latrell said the company plans on hiring forty new people after Beyond-Earth moves to a 10,000 square-foot facility near the Roswell International Air Center.

Latrell and Gardner plan to have Beyond-Earth in its new facility by Sept. 1. The facility will house its headquarters, retail business, research and development center, rocket assemble and engine testing.

The main thrust of Beyond-Earth’s business is selling people a chance to send mementos or their DNA into space. A Mission One kit goes for $34.95 and a photo kit for $49, they can be purchased through the company’s web site www.beyond-earth.com.

Both kits contain computer disks so customers can watch the live webcast of their space flight, a postage-paid return envelope and detailed instructions. The DNA kit contains a 2-by-3.5 inch flight envelope. Customers also receive certificates of authenticity.

“We have to be moved into the building by September and operational by mid-October because we have to meet our high-altitude flight scheduled for Nov. 15,” Gardner said. “Its going to be a 60,000 (feet) altitude rocket launch.”

The small space rocket company, which was started in 2003 by Latrell, Gardner and Tracy Craft, has successfully launched six rockets, they said.

“In the 60’ and 70’s, we all believed there would be flying cars and vacations on the moon by now,” Latrell said. “From that time something seemed to be missing in that magic. Space craft taking off, its magic. We are here to recreate that magic.”

Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell Provost Judy Armstrong said ENMU-R will be partnering with Beyond-Earth by providing access to campus services to the company.

“What sticks with me about Beyond-Earth is its focus on the youth with science, math and engineering to stimulate the fun and curiosity for space,” Armstrong said. “We want to catch our young people early and get them interested in math and science that was a critical thing with this company.”

Mayor Sam LaGrone said it is always good to have new jobs come into our community.

“We are elated that Beyond-Earth has chosen Roswell and bring with them forty new jobs,” LaGrone said. “It also is good for our children by exciting them about science and math. It’s a way to get children back involved with science and math.”

Latrell said he is glad to be in a city that appreciates the history of rocketry.

“If we had a question, or a need, we got answers,” Latrell said. “That’s why we are here.


From their web site:


Launch Services

Do you build or test flight hardware for the Space or Avionics industries? Beyond-Earth can supply physical flight testing for your project. Our flights range in altitude from 25,000 feet (7,600 m) up to 70 miles (113 Km). Our payload limits range from 20 pounds (9 Kg) to 50 pounds (22.6 Kg)

We can provide telemetry downlink of your data in realtime, data logging services for download after recovery, or we can provide a combination of both. Our systems are simple, reliable and effective.

To find out more please contact us using the information below. We look forward to working with you.

Beyond-Earth Enterprises

P.O. Box 9651
Colroado Springs, CO 80932
Phone: 719.359.9201
Fax: 719.597.8567
Skype: Beyond-Earth

The Road To Space

Getting to Space is challenging. It is one of the few businesses that combines such a wide array of disciplines. Everything is used from math, engineering and chemistry to marketing, planning, and printing. Everything about the journey is a learning adventure.

So how do we get from here to there? We like to think that the journey takes one step at a time, it's just that first step is a bit big and takes a lot of power. Beyond-Earth knows that people want to know all about it, every step of the trip, every success and every failure. We thought we would share that.

The Road To Space is our journey, our roadmap and journal of all that we want to do and all that we have done. It is an open invite to share the road with others who want to follow along and learn about what we as a company are doing to go to Space. This section updates quite often as a record of events. Come along with us and see where we go, succeed or fail, through the good days and the bad.

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