Historic lst Internet global art exhibition sponsored by Truly Virtual Web Art Museum
Curated by Rodney Pygoya Chang, MA, MSEd, Phd

          ROSWELL UFO       


dedicated to the Roswell Incident of 1947, its coverup, and the town of Roswell, New Mexico - their new 2nd Web site   city campaign '06   Status Quo of UFO/Alien Phenomenom-Neil Freer  Warning
More on Roswell- home of the International UFO Museum and Research Center   2 UFO museums!
a Hawaii sighting
   alien sketch '47  Area 51

Special Report: The Search for Roswellian Art (July 4, 2006)

The whole UFO business, and other paranormal matters such as “crop circles” and abductions, seems to be a bottomless well of claims, counterclaims, confusion, red herrings, debunkers, faked evidence, naysayers, etc. etc., all mixed up with ghosts, spiritualism, and ancient legends of Atlantis, Mu, etc.  I think there is something to most of this, but who knows what is real and what is being faked to confuse the issues? And why would anyone want to confuse in this area? - Harrison Roper, Houlton, Maine 2006

All global artists are invited to submit artwork (jpeg format)
for consideration  for this ongoing virtual perpetual show.  Provide name, title of artworks, city/country.

 Pygoya is researching the plausability of establishing an art gallery for such art in Roswell and is currently searching for a location.
He's looking for good artists that work with this subject / theme of art, to include UFOs, Extraterrestrial, Space, Galactic, Paranormal, Spiritual, and  New Age.


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