Visitation to Roswell, N.M.
- UFOs, Aliens, Night Light Alien Parade, Town Life, Art & More

by Dr. Rodney "Pygoya" Chang, July 9, 2006

In preparation for my first trip to the infamous town of Roswell, New Mexico, where the faithful believe a flying saucer crashed in 1947 and aliens were abducted by the military, I found pictures of the place almost nonexistent on the Internet.  So, it is my hope that this Web site solves the problem.  Let it be a virtual window to peek in and get a feel for this amazing small town in the middle of the arid desert of southeastern New Mexico.  It will be evident why this town twice have won the "Best Towns in America" award. One will also see that the entrenched UFO and alien subculture is alive and well.  I found Roswell to be very clean and the people friendly. There exist more art institutions than other towns of its size (50,000), and Main Street offers so many choices in dining.  Even a "Little Theater" drama group and a symphony enrich local life.  No, I did not see any UFOs in the skies when I was there for the 59th annual UFO Festival, sponsored by The International UFO Museum & Research Center.  Nor did anything come through my Super 8 Motel room and attempt to abduct me.  Housing is affordable by national price comparison but there is no taxi, the buses are vans that seem invisible to the new comer (get a rental car!), and it got up to 100F during this time of summer. But the desert rapidly cools after sunset and extending both east and west of Main Street, the residential neighborhoods are quiet and peaceful under clear, diamond studded skies.  

What you are about to see is not real aliens but the celebration of such as these photographs document my wonderful visit during the UFO Festival.  It includes my personal experience of the "Alien Chase" run (I got 2nd place in the 3K run for ages 60-69), the "Alien Parade," lectures by "Roswell Incident" guru-researchers and the leading investigator of "crop circles."  You will also get a sense of Main Street, the backbone of commerce for the town, see with your own eyes where aliens were possibly transported from of Roswell Airfield, visit the UFO museum, and note where I hope to establish an art gallery specializing in UFO and alien artwork.  Most of all I hope you get a glimpse of town life, such as the McDonald's franchise built like a flying saucer, all which beckon you to also visit and set foot in where UFOs are commonplace sightings and - as some claim - on Main Street where aliens were transported in military vehicles from the desert crash site to the Air Force airfield on the other side of town.  Some say when you are in Roswell, time distorts and your body feels funny sensations.  I made it out in one piece so don't be afraid to go check it out too.  If time became distorted for me it was because I was having such a great time.  So I invite you to venture to  ground zero of UFOs and aliens, and may THE FORCE be with you!  By the way, if you do lose track of time and cannot remember several hours of elapsed time, well then, just maybe, you did leave Roswell for a trip to another dimension.  If so, contact Derrell Sims who works with abductees.  (Darrill Sims, "The Alien Hunter," P.O. Box  60944, Houston, Texas 77205)


N.M. TV news item      This presentation published at Worldwide Art Resources- July 2006