visitation to roswell, n.m.

by rodney "pygoya" chang, july 2006

All photographs copyrighted 2006 by Rodney Pygoya Chang.  All Rights Reserved.

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Main Street in front of the UFO Museum is blocked for vendors.




Alien store on the corner, next to the UFO museum.




UFO Research Center- they were closed on Sunday so
I couldn't drop off a recent case of a Honolulu sighting for a friend.




The starry building next to the UFO research center is the Cover Up restaurant, just open this month.




Inside the museum, a depiction of how the spaceship created a furrow when it crashed in the desert.  In 2002 
Sci Fi TV did a documentary special of the archaeological dig they did to find artifacts of the crash or this furrow buried
after over half a century by the desert winds and storms. You have to buy the book to find out what they found.




Wonderful UFO sculpture hovering over the world map




Picture speaks for itself




Roswell Incident leading researchers present their latest findings.





To a packed room, as each day's presentations were, to the curious, the believers, the skeptics.



Freddy Silva of the United Kingdom is the top expert on the mysterious "Crop Circles"




Pygoya the artist going in a new direction????





Pygoya in the UFO Museum library


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