visitation to roswell, n.m.

by rodney "pygoya" chang, july 2006

All photographs copyrighted 2006 by Rodney Pygoya Chang.  All Rights Reserved.

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My good friends, Duane and Cladine Irwin.  They found
this desert tortoise in their yard.  Duane is a retired successful
businessman and now artist; Cladine was a famous opera singer
and later had her own school of voice.



A wonderful New Mexican dinner, all home grown.



Duane in front of some of his artwork at The Gallery.  I wear my new "Roswell, New Mexico" cap with pride.



Here I am with Steve, "Mountain Man" and cowboy, with Bacon the pig



Placing a bale of hay on the pickup.



Hay from the desert of Roswell




They come in cubes too.



There's ample water source from deep artesian wells that drain from the mountains. Hay fields



The recipients of hay.



"Barracuda" is HALF WOLF!  I didn't feel like petting it.



Pecan nuts is a big agricultural industry here in Roswell



The annual Alien Parade in July is a big event in town. Both sides of Main Street were filled with families for over a dozen blocks.



Sports and outdoor bands add to town life.



The military still has a prominent  presence with the Military Institute. Its acreages of buildings and
athletic facilities must be a good source of employment for the town's people.



Nobody forgets World War II here.  Enola Gay took off from the air field here.






For those such inclined, there's always continued education about UFOs and Aliens at the UFO museum and research center.



In Roswell, there's no getting away from the UFO culture so you have to love or leave it.



Here children first draw spaceships and aliens, not Mickey Mouse.



Rock on, can you dig it?



Like I said, there's no escape, even at McDonald's!



But at Sonics, you can still sit in your car and a roller skating waitress comes to take your order!



Or if you're in a mood for something else, try some "Hawaiian Shaved Ice"!



But if it all gets overwhelming, you can always fly out to neighboring cities of Albuquerque, Santa Fe,
El Pasco, or Laddock, Texas, all about 200 miles away in different directions.



Or, find a hideaway from the UFOs and aliens and just get drunk. (But don't drive.)


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