visitation to roswell, n.m.

by rodney "pygoya" chang, july 2006


All photographs copyrighted 2006 by Rodney Pygoya Chang.  All Rights Reserved.

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The Roswell Art Museum & Art Center



Entry of the museum



The Roswell Art Museum courtyard sculpture



On  the front exterior wall of the museum



"The Gallery" on E. 5th Street



2 aliens, one just visiting, the other looking for a new job.




Lovely former Newburg Gallery, has relocated.



Beautiful Southwestern New Mexican living, Roswell style. The former Newburg Gallery grounds.



Another view of the former gallery now for sale.



Sculpture in front of the Robert Goddard Planetarium



Went to partake of the show, "Where Are They?"






Enjoyed "Jocelyn's World,' a play about a teenager who is reject from a galactic school because her
planet's civilization is still too primitive and war-like.



Brochure of the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, a great place to visit!  My special review



McDonald's Parking Lot





Saucer burgers and flying fries, anybody?




The property I am considering to convert to a UFO art gallery.  It's cool to consider that
this house, built in 1912, existed when in 1947 the military transported the UFO craft and aliens
1 block away on Main Street, so books say.

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