visitation to roswell, n.m.

by rodney "pygoya" chang, july 2006

All photographs copyrighted 2006 by Rodney Pygoya Chang.  All Rights Reserved.

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Outside of Roswell - crop circles? Yes but through agricultural  irrigation. 
The sprinkler revolves around a central water source.  Still strange, seeing
rich green in the otherwise dry and barren Southwestern American desert.




lst sightings of Roswell, coming from Albuquerque on Mesa Airline's small prop airplane.
So this is the view UFO's see too!




Southern end of Roswell, note airfield on the left.




There's Main Street!  See the two "tall" buildings?  Ever get lost in Roswell, just look
for the buildings, evident anywhere in town due to the flat terrain.




Where Main Street forks at the bottom indicates the southern part of the city that
approaches the airport




Landing approach




Ah, touchdown - I'm IN Roswell!!!!  Note all the storage larger aircraft at the horizon.
The air is dry making it good conditions to store out doors; also aircraft maintenance
is a strong industry here in Roswell. Aircraft mechanics is taught at the local technical school.




Warm "Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico" sign at the airport terminal.




Came in on this little unmarked white bird. Bumpy, cramped, loud but safely here.










My friend who picked me up at the airfield said THIS is hanger 84 were the aliens
back in July 1947 awaiting transporting out of Roswell to a secret military installation for study.




Or, he then said, "It could be this one.  But it's for sure one of these two old hangers,
still existing from the '40s."


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