visitation to roswell, n.m.

by rodney "pygoya" chang, july 2006

All photographs copyrighted 2006 by Rodney Pygoya Chang.  All Rights Reserved.

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Alien Chase Run results 2006


My first sunrise in Roswell!  Super 8 Motel is 4 miles from the starting line at the
Convention Center.  There's no motel shuttle, taxi or bus service at 5:15 am.  So I
have to run/walk the distance to get there on time to pick up my running number. I pass
the Military Institute, the famous high school and college over 100 years in operation.
Football NFL star Roger Starbuck played here.







The campus sits on acres and acres!




I pass the future site of the UFO Museum & Research Center, to take out a whole city block.
Ground breaking targeted for next year's big 60th anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash.




I spot Alien faced light poles so I gotta be in Roswell!




It stands guard over MacDonald's on Main Street, shaped as a flying saucer!




I sign in in time, then wait 40 minutes for the late start.
No sleep for 2 days due to impossibility to sleep on planes; it
took a 13 hour journey to get from Hawaii to Roswell, via
layovers in Denver and Albuquerque.




The race about to start at 7:15am. Was supposed to be 7 am. I could feel the heat building
minute by minute.  It also was more humid than usual, according to the race director.  I also
forgot about the 3500 ft. elevation versus sea level where I train in Hawaii.  I was panting for
air early in the race and had to adjust my pace.




The makeshift aisle leading to the Finish Line.




I did it!  "YOU CAN DO IT!"




Cool awards ceremony with a rock band for celebrating!


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