Roswell, New Mexico

a special town and possible site for a gallery

by Rodney Pygoya Chang

Photos of Roswell, 2006     Possible site of art gallery


Alien Street Lights on Main Street


Alien Mascot of the Roswell Lights In the Night parade, July 1, 2006



Whole block behind red car will be future new site of the International UFO Museum & Research Center


Main Street at 6th Street intersection


The Gallery - coop artists in Roswell


Second Street intersecting Main Street; to right is present UFO Museum


Roswell Chamber of Commerce


Blocked of Main Street in front of UFO Museum for UFO Festival 2006


Goddard Planetarium


Long time local drama theater


Note The Little Theater in the distance of East Virginia Street, running parallel to Main Street on the east side


Vistor Center on Main Strret






McDonald's parking lot




Northeast side of Roswell


UFO Research Center



Rock on


Athletic complex of Roswell


Pecan grove



Roswell cowboy Steve



6th Street, Main Street to right


Covered UFO



Drive or Fly Mesa from Albuquerque