July 31, 2006 - January 14, 2007

REVISIONS Jonathon Keats: The First Intergalactic Art Exposition


Concluding centuries of speculation about extraterrestrial intelligence, conceptual artist Jonathon Keats recently discovered that a radio signal detected by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico contains artwork broadcast from deep space. Initially dismissed by researchers as meaningless, the transmission is now claimed to be the most significant addition to the artistic canon since the Mona Lisa, or even the Venus of Willendorf. Painstakingly decoded by Keats, the artwork will be exhibited for the first time ever at the Magnes. "This is the ultimate outsider art," notes Keats. "Historically our culture has ignored extraterrestrial artistic expression. Given the size of the universe, this is no small oversight." The First Intergalactic Art Exposition will introduce the public to art on loan from elsewhere in the cosmos, and also reciprocate: From the Magnes, Keats will broadcast his own artwork out into deep space.

Keats is represented by Modernism Inc. in San Francisco. His work as appeared in The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Wired, and he has written columns for Artweek and San Francisco Magazine.

Supported by Martin Muller and Modernism Inc. 

Courtesy of Jonathon Keats

Reference site - http://www.magnes.org/exhibits/coming.html