Bangor, Brewer, Bradley, Hampden, Bucksport, Verona Island, Winterport

July 2005   Photographs by Pygoya


entry into Bucksport driving to the coast from Brewer




Nice river/bay front - the Penescot River (all the way up North to Bangor and beyond) empties here into the Atlantic Ocean; in background Ft. Knox and also a bridge to Verona Island



Py with Andree and Hal at The View Restaurant; great fish and clam chowder!


Bay view house I visited


What a view of the seaport famous in the mid-1800s for producing sailing schooners, including the one that sailed
to and discovered the North Pole



A traditional Cape Cod house



A Bucksport duplex, 1900s


A lovely in town residence


Huge yard


A remodelled waterfront residence


What a view and on .4 acre


great backyard fronting the river


My realtors, Rhonda Gopan and Andree Knowles, enjoying the view


Bridge to Verona Island


Nice rural setting on Verona Island


More Verona residences


Back to Bucksport


Between Bucksport and Brewer, this Winterport art gallery


A visit to the University of Maine campus in Orono



many elegant fraternity and sorority houses




Black Bears' gymnasium


Go Black Bears!


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