Bangor, Brewer, Bradley, Hampden, Bucksport, Verona Island, Winterport

July 2005   Photographs by Pygoya

Pick up at the Bangor airport by realtor Andree Knowles


A welcome end to a long journey from Honolulu, including 5 hours layover at
Boston airport, here seen with a fire in the distance


Days Inn - "home sweet home" for 3 days


Ah, coming from airport area, first view of Bangor, long anticipated destination only a virtual reality on the Internet prior to the moment.



Straight to business: meeting with John Rohman, Maine Arts Commission chairman (left) and the Bangor
Art Society representatives (3 persons on the right); realtor extraordnaire, Andree Knowles of NE Prudential
stands between Rohman and Pygoya who came to investigate gallery and museum opportunity in Bangor


Bangor is a lovely historic city, the largest in Central Maine. Orono, home for the Univserity of Maine,
Bradley town, and Bucksport seaport are all about 30 minutes by car from Bangor.  Brewer is the
city across the river from Bangor.  It was lovely summer weather around 80F and sunny with some
sporadic drizzle.



a museum of discovery for children


a school of dance and the Bangor Museum in the historic district


Pygoya investigated the end red brick buildng as a possibility for the
Museum of Webism; the adjacent attached yellow sienna building is
soon to be the second location for the expansion of the Bangor Museum


It has a nice island kitchen in 3 floor condo above the lst floor beauty salon



Pygoya investigated the possibility of an art gallery in the third from the left (shortest building) on Main Street.


The Grasshopper Shop is popular with tourists and locals alike


Canals run through Bangor proper


Although all in snowy white during the long winters of Maine, Bangor is quite green with trees during the summer




an old church


and another place of worship


large mansions add charm and character to many streets of Bangor




The red building is St. John's school for boys


population of Bangor in 2005 is about 35,000





lovely metal sculpture on Main Street


Some available Cape Cods, around 1900 vintage



Owner of The Lunch Box, great breakfast and coffee; he runs 2 miles in 8.5 minutes!


And my dream visit to my favorite author's haunt, the residence of horror writer STEPHEN KING!



Really gets me in the mood!


A visit to Brewer