The 820 W. Main Street bank built in 1897 later became the Masonic center then in 1994 the Preston Building with its Preston Treasure Hunt antique shop. The building has 9600 sq. feet including a cafe, and live stage theater, and private parking lot. It is situated on the historic Main Street of Cottage Grove, along the main interstate highway, I-5, that connects Mexico, LA, SF, Portland, Seattle, and Canada





Under consideration for the Internet Art Museum in 2005
including Webists Gallery, Pygoya Gallery, International Internet
Gallery, Invited Solo/Group Gallery; Gift Shop & Bookstore; cafe

buyer offer to seller of property Feb. 2005

March 2005-disappointment-

I tried contacting the listing agent again and haven't heard back from him. I think dealing with the attorney and trustee of the bankruptcy is causing a lot of issues with this property. I wish I could do more but I pretty much have my hands tied on this one! Let me know if I can do anything further. If anything other properties that might work for you come up I will send them to you.



Cottage Grove City, Oregon, USA